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On September 17, 2020 a case was filed He also presides over Thurston County's Drug Court. Filed: October 21, 2022: Court: US District Court for the Southern District of Ohio: Presiding Judge: Elizabeth Preston Deavers: Referring Judge: Algenon L Marbley: Nature of Suit: P.I. cassandra.dolan@co.thurston.wa.usor360-709-5012. M@2dZlZ$) Juvenile Judge ~ Magistrate Judge ~ Trial Lawyer Shalanda Miller for Fulton Superior Court Judge, Atlanta, Georgia. Thank you for allowing me to share. Judge Wilson served at Thurston County Family and Juvenile Court from January 2018 until January 2021, including serving as Chief Judge from July 2019 through January 2021. This sterile space a room of 64 mauve-colored chairs, a few vending machines, a miniature table, chairs for toddlers and a big clock on the wall has been the weekly aperture through which Jones has seen her daughter grow. How is the word judge distinct from other similar verbs? more analytics for Sharonda D. Amamilo. Before his election to the bench, Judge Skinder served the people of the State of Washington as a deputy prosecuting attorney in Thurston County (2000-2016) and as a deputy prosecuting attorney in Lewis County (1997-2000). Established in 2020, JOLT strives to publish a full spectrum of news and information articles in service to the people of Lacey, Olympia and Tumwater and nearby areas in the state of Washington, United States of America. For eight years, she also served as a part-time court commissioner. with an English and Philosophy double major, cum laude, from Coe College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Thurston County was the first county in Washington State to co-locate all family and juvenile operations in a single facility, separate from other Superior Court operations. She said Tuesday night she looks forward to getting to know her supporters better as her campaign continues to the November election. Your alert tracking was successfully added. The Journal of Olympia, Lacey & Tumwater: JUDGE : 06-MAR-2000: CBSATISFY-COST BILL SATISFIED: Page: 1 : Records: 1 - 20 : Next-> Xerox and the Xerox logo are registered trademarks. Your recipients will receive an email with this envelope shortly and 'S^nxtHR71z@_-V. Box 351 Vicksburg 39183 Sharonda Taylor Sharonda L. Miller, 22, will face three counts of first-degree murder after being indicted by a Williamson County grand jury. in the jurisdiction of Thurston County. During her time as a judicial officer, she has served on four Superior Court Judges Association Committees: Ethics, Education, Family and Juvenile Law and Therapeutic Courts. Community Service Sharonda is a Thurston County Superior Court Judge Candidate. 4 talking about this. In the first tally Tuesday night, Amamilo came away with 43 percent of the votes, and 15-year Olympia Municipal Court Judge Scott Ahlf received 24.5 percent of the votes. But not for a while.. Metropolitan News-Enterprise: CA License # A-588676-HAZ / DIR Contractor Registration #1000009744 He also heard appeals from administrative agencies. Judge Thomas serves as a trial judge, presiding over civil and criminal jury trials and a variety of pre-trial criminal and civil calendars. It has been a halting process, however. She currently presides over civil and criminal jury and bench trials and hears civil motions. Judge Zipp and her wife of twenty-one years live in Thurston County. Follow the campaign of Sharonda Amamilo as she runs to become your next Thurston County Superior Court Judge in position 8. But I just kept thinking about Sharanda and how she would feel when she saw her name wasnt on that list.. sharonda for judgewhat do aries look for in a womanwhat do aries look for in a woman State Bar Association; Nisqually Tribal Bar; Western Washington District Before her appointment, she was a staff attorney for the court for nearly a decade, where she primarily supported the trial judges with civil litigation, including complex litigation and cases of significant public importance. 1942 0 obj <> endobj She was taking Critical Race Theory, a seminar class that analyzed the intersection of race and the law. 1962 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/ID[<2B6F6D7FF589ED42890528A9FB3912D5><9072A72FF3BB9F499D4D3E8D9A37B4A3>]/Index[1942 51]/Info 1941 0 R/Length 105/Prev 521485/Root 1943 0 R/Size 1993/Type/XRef/W[1 3 1]>>stream [4] In addition to Boyz II Men, Stockman was a member of the group Black Men United. She remembers being confused when her mother seemed to vanish. The hourly rate for this position is $81.60 an hour. Washington State - Thurston County. She previously served on local childcare and school boards, in leadership and youth ministry at her church, and on the Washington Women Lawyers Capitol Chapter board. Several of them, when contacted by The Washington Post, were dismayed. includes ratings and endorsements from The Court, Thurston County Superior Court - Local Forms, Thurston County Superior Court - Local Rules. Obama had granted clemency to 22 inmates, including another of Byrds clients, a young man who had served 22 years for a nonviolent drug offense. This case was filed in Alachua County Superior Courts, with None presiding. In this capacity she represented state agencies and state officials in state and federal trial and appeals courts on a range of statutory, constitutional, and environmental matters. Family & Juvenile Court also operates a juvenile detention facility. She was a partner with the firm from June 2000 until she was appointed as Court Commissioner in February 2005. Brittany K. Byrd, left, Sharanda Joness clemency attorney, admires a handmade 24th-birthday card that Jones sent to her daughter, Clenesha Garland, 24. Further, I pledge that I will endeavor to make Jones had grown up poor, raised by her grandmother after her mother was left quadriplegic by a car crash. In addition, for nearly 3 decades, Judge Egeler practiced law at the Attorney General's Office. She is actively involved in the community having served on several community boards and through many leadership, music, and education ministries at her church. WA state Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler will not seek re-election, Police investigating mans death in west Olympia as a homicide, Attorney Generals Office wont defend Legislature in public records lawsuit, Gruesome freak accident in P.E. Learn More Accept Accept Address. McMurrey said Jones also turned down a plea deal, but Jones and her current attorney said there was never a formal offer that specified how much time she would serve. They include 46 inmates who were granted clemency on Monday by Obama. Sharonda Phelps's Tweets. Write to THURSTON COUNTY -- Sharonda D. Amamilo, a judge with "over 16 years of trial experience representing adults and children in Superior, District, Municipal and Tribal courts," has won the primary the Superior Court Judge Position No. I want the voters to know I am very humbled and very proud that they see me as someone that they can trust to take on such an important role, she said. A friend told Jones she could earn thousands more if she got into the game., It was fast money, she says now. Judge Carol Murphy was elected to the Thurston County Superior Court bench and began her first term in 2009. Previously, he served as a trial judge; in which he presided over criminal and civil jury trials, bench trials, and motion and hearing calendars. 9th Judicial Circuit Jim Chaney 3 Warren, Issaquena & Sharkey1220 Clay Street P.O. Prior to her appointment, Judge Egeler served the people of the State of Washington as a deputy prosecuting attorney for three years. This NC destination ranks among nations favorites. h[Y7+hc-000$5B=Z[n`2VLA2nmM~eVe\yWV68kT+CjB I pledge that you will never have JOLT intends to provide factual, unbiased reporting. Criminal TRANSCRIPT of Proceedings as to Laurence F. Doud III re: Trial held on 1/25/22 before Judge George B. Daniels. Hon. Judicial Assistant, Dawn Ward:dawn.ward@co.thurston.wa.usor 360-786-5563. Prior to joining the bench, she had worked as a senior defense attorney with the Thurston County Public Defense. Amamilo received a bachelors degree in adult education from Southern Illinois University (1995) and a masters degree in business administration from Saint Martins College (1997). It may differ for the company than for a person. We noticed that you're using an AdBlocker, Bachelor's degree, Southern Illinois University - 1995. What about Sharanda Jones? she asked. My decision to pursue the Thurston County Superior Court Judge position came when it was clear that I could contribute even more to the community by serving the citizens of Thurston County as apartner of the people, bringingcompassionate and courteousdeliberation andobjective decision-making to all seeking justice. Synonyms for JUDGE: referee, umpire, magistrate, arbitrator, arbiter, moderator, negotiator, jurist; Antonyms of JUDGE: hedge, skirt, equivocate, pussyfoot, measure . Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. Sharonda P Bradford, California Superior Court: Profile and Biography - Bloomberg Markets Bloomberg Connecting decision makers to a dynamic network of information, people and ideas,. lives of people positively. Ive represented indigent juveniles, parents, and legal guardians who have become parties to a juvenile criminal action and clients suffering from mental health or substance abuse disorders in the Countys involuntary commitment hearings and in its therapeutic treatment courts. it would seem as though the litigation process is substantially disproportionate. Clenesha Garland was 8 when her mother, Sharanda Jones, was imprisoned. Admitted to the State Bar in 1999, she is a graduate of Southwestern School of Law. Among those arrested was Julie Franklin and her husband, Keith Baby Jack Jackson, who agreed to plead guilty and cooperate with the government for a reduced sentence. Judge John Speroni set her bail at $1. Sterling-Ward v. Tujaka, No. Sharanda Jones prisoner 33177-077 struggled to describe the moment in 1999 when a federal judge sentenced her to life in prison after her conviction on a single cocaine offense. She participated in the court's Dependency Transformation project, which developed new court processes aimed at, among other goals, enhancing the court's trauma-informed practices. Los Angeles County Deputy Public Defender Sharonda Bradford BOX 4008 OLYMPIA, WA 98501 USA TV: Bally Sports Detroit. Miller awaits sentencing in federal crack case A Carbondale woman was charged with murder Wednesday for the March 18 death of an Alexander County assistant state's attorney. He currently presides over domestic violence hearings, family law settlement conferences, and dependency settlement conferences at Thurston County Family & Juvenile Court. Ill start living when you get out., Garland puts her hand on her mothers shoulder and softly murmurs, Mama., Two years ago, Garland wrote to Obama, pleading for her mothers release. Ms. Amamilo was a Primary winner @ 45%, on the Nov. ballot. During her research, Byrd found that Joness mother was later sentenced to 17 years in a separate trial for her role in drug dealing in Terrell. Jones appeared to meet the criteria. Im worried all the time about how they are treating you. Inmates who have been freed, including 46 on Monday. Sharonda Grandberry (@pinkthronestyle) / Twitter. He is a former President of the Thurston County Bar Association. Only 89 prisoners of the more than 35,000 who have filed applications have been freed. Amamilo and her husband have seven grown children. The words conclude and judge are synonyms, but do differ in nuance. Fair. She is currently serving her fourth term as Superior Court Judge. She was a first-time, nonviolent offender. 0 Judicial Assistant, Cecelia Morales: cecelia.morales@co.thurston.wa.usor 360-709-3052. Some common synonyms of judge are conclude, deduce, gather, and infer. She showed no emotion. commissioner. Your recipients will receive an email with this envelope shortly and You can always see your envelopes Thurston County Superior Court. She cried most of the way. I pledge that I will make sure that everyone who comes Before joining the Attorney Generals Office, Judge Lanese worked in private practice, representing clients in intellectual property and business litigation. in the jurisdiction of Thurston County. Commissioner Zinn graduated magna cum laude from Seattle University Law School in 2006. In 2009, then Commissioner Schaller was named Jurist of the Year by the Washington State Bar Association, Family Law Section. When she graduated high school, Garland did not want to walk across the stage without her mother in the audience. Her experience on the bench includes two years as Criminal Presiding Judge, three years as Drug Court Presiding Judge, and four years as Presiding Judge for the Thurston County Superior Court. WE ARE ENOUGH ! views of those individual organizations and not necessarily the views of or its sponsors. Dontae Sharpe's quest for freedom after being wrongfully convicted of a 1994 murder took a procedural path his lawyer calls "tortured." But on Aug. 22, 2019, a judge in Greenville, N.C., found that newly discovered evidence presented on Sharpe's behalf by the Duke Law Wrongful Convictions Clinic "destroys the State's entire theory of the case" against him. the Superior Court system responsive to the needs of the people while in the jurisdiction of Thurston County. Radio: WXYT-FM (97.1; other radio affiliates). Ahlf told The Olympian, Anyone of the four candidates would make a good Superior Court Judge.. Judge Mary Sue Wilson was appointed by Governor Jay Inslee to the Thurston County Superior Court and began serving as a superior court judge in October 2014. 2007) case opinion from the US Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit Currently, in Houston-north, the average wait time for a SSI or SSD hearing is 7 months. Bradford Superior Court Commissioner. Garland was 8 when her mother was imprisoned. Amamilo has extensive professional experience working for numerous associations, panels and workgroups for Washington State and Thurston County. Ive served in Thurston County for 12 years. ''Its like a pain you cant explain. Judge Wiggs reminded members to be mindful of how crimes are punished depending on the status of the person perceived to be committing the crime. A part time Commissioner is an at-will appointee and any service for which the appointee may be called is at the sole discretion of the Court. Using a government formula, the prosecutor said that the 30kilograms of powder was equal to 13.39kilograms of crack cocaine. Justice Courts have jurisdiction over small claims civil cases involving amounts of $3,500 or less, misdemeanor criminal cases, and any traffic offense that occurs in the County involving the DeSoto County Sheriff's Department or Highway Patrol. The announcement was made Monday following the governors announcement he would not seek re-election. The top two vote-getters move ahead to the November general election. Bradford, Sharonda P. Commissioner: West Covina: 009 (626) 430-2509: Brandolino, Joseph A. If you wish to keep the information in your envelope between pages, In the past decade, they gave lower sentences by an average of one-third the guideline range, according to the U.S. Upon moving to Washington in 2006, he practiced law at a small firm in Clark County. They read the Bible together when Garland visits every couple of weeks. When police arrived at Jett's home they found him with a single . For full print and download access, please subscribe at I want you to live your life, Jones said. Prior to her legal career, Judge Zipp had a private sector career as a technology project manager and business analyst. She passed her hand under a light where an officer checked to make sure it had a security stamp. For When 'Lowdown Crook' Isn't Specific Enough. This court has state-wide jurisdiction and hears major criminal matters (felonies), civil cases including cases involving real property, domestic relations matters, appeals from lower courts (Thurston County District and Municipal Courts), and appeals from state administrative agencies. Under the guidelines, that sets a life sentence, mandatory life sentence, Solis said at a hearing in November 1999. So, Ms. Jones, it will be the judgment of the court that you be sentenced to the custody of the U.S. Bureau of Prisons for a term of life imprisonment., Solis declined to be interviewed. Sharonda and husband, Reuben, have 7 children and 3 grandchildren. Subscribe to America's largest dictionary and get thousands more definitions and advanced searchad free! I thought it cant be real life in prison.. Judges Elect Sharona Bradford Superior Court Commissioner, Los Angeles County Superior Court Local Forms, Los Angeles County Superior Court Local Rules. 16+ years trial experience representing adults and children in Superior, Judge Zipp graduated from the University of Washington School of Law. Box 4666, Ventura, CA 93007 Request a Quote: taurus 1911 45 acp extended magazine CSDA Santa Barbara County Chapter's General Contractor of the Year 2014! in Politics, Philosophy and Economics from the University of Washington, Tacoma. theme park tycoon 2 script 2021; hawkins parnell salary; brighton city council. Judge Chris Lanese was elected to the Thurston County Superior Court in 2016. Byrd came across Jones's case as a law school student in 2009 and has spent years working pro bono to try to get President Obama to grant Jones clemency. Said McMurrey: In light of the law and the guidelines and what the court heard during the trial, I know Judge Solis followed the law. in the jurisdiction of Thurston County. Sharonda Amamilo. Person Detail For: Sharonda D. Amamilo. I was elated. Judicial Assistant, Yvonne Pier:yvonne.pier@co.thurston.wa.usor 360-709-3247. 741 likes. I take full responsibility for my actions and know that I deserve to be punished Sharonda Amamilo holds a large lead over her three opponents in the race for retiring Judge Anne Hirsch's Position 8 seat on the Thurston County Superior Court. try clicking the minimize button instead. Nathan Kortokrax was appointed as a Court Commissioner to Thurston County Superior Court in May 2017. reason to regret giving me your vote. She was a. Jones was charged with six counts of possession with intent to distribute crack cocaine and aiding and abetting, and one count of conspiracy to distribute crack cocaine. Heres what happens now, Thurston County plans new voter services center in Tumwater as another project stalls, Community leaders call out city-sponsored RFA flier, saying its biased, Heres what to know about the Olympia, Tumwater fire department regionalization proposal, 2 new faces file papers needed to run for Lacey City Council against Greenstein, Kunkel, Two Olympia City Council members announce theyre running for re-election. Experienced. I am making this attempt to share some insight to an experience regarding a case that you are currently presiding over. Judicial Assistant: Jacquelin (Jacky) Butcher:jacky.butcher@co.thurston.wa.usor360-709-3205. They talk on the phone every day. The quadriplegic woman died after 12 years behind bars, and Jones was not allowed to attend her funeral. A native Washingtonian, Judge Wilson has resided in Thurston County for more than thirty years. Sharonda and husband, Reuben, have 7 children and 3 grandchildren. 2023. Judge Skinder currently serves as the Chief Criminal Judge. Judge Egeler also taught appellate advocacy at the University of Oregon School of Law. behavioral health systems reform. Her current rotation is hearing criminal matters and as the Drug Court Judge. Dr. Chuck Morris Beginning in 2019, she started serving as a pro tem judicial officer in neighboring counties, joining the Thurston County bench in 2020. Byrd received no response, but more than a year later the Obama administration began its clemency initiative. We have notified your account executive who will contact you shortly. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Brittany K. Byrd was in her second year of law school at Southern Methodist University in Dallas in 2009 when she heard about Jones. Court & 9th Circuit Court of Appeals Federal She was the first student to graduate the University of Washington Law School in 2 years and received her B.A. Thurston County deserves a Superior Court Judge who is a passionate practitioner who is actively engaged in various levels of systemicchange and strategic planning. She wrote me back and it was really a generic type of letter, Byrd said. will be able to access it on trellis. but, for the rest of my life for my first-ever arrest and conviction?'' Click to read Part I:The painful price of aging in prison, Click to read Part II:Against his better judgment, Click to read Part IV:Unlikely allies for sentencing reform, Click to read Part V:Out of prison, slow steps to freedom, Click to read Part VI: In Calif., the unintended effects of leniency, Click to read Part VII: Softening sentences, losing leverage, Click to read Part VIII: Struggling to fix a broken system, I was numb, Jones said in an interview at the Carswell womens prison here. Washington Trafficking Prevention Board; Community Youth Services 2. Through well-trained judicial officers and court staff, the Court uses innovative techniques and manages public resources responsibly. She received a B.A. . Adding your team is easy in the "Manage Company Users" tab. December 31, 2015. Judge Skinder graduatedcum laudefrom Seattle University School of Law in 1996 and graduated from the College of William & Mary in 1992. Learn a new word every day. The publication will remain free to readers and will not erect paywalls. Judge Sharonda D. Amamilo presiding. stabilizing families, trafficking prevention, juvenile justice and Name: Sharonda D. Amamilo, Judge: Organization: Thurston County: Superior Court Address: 2000 Lakeridge Dr SW, Bldg 2 Olympia, WA 98502-6001 Map & Directions: Phone: 360-786-5560 Return to Search Results Return to Court Directory Intro Page : Jones, who will turn 48 next week, is one of tens of thousands of inmates who received harsh mandatory minimum sentences for drug offenses during the crack-cocaine epidemic, and whose cases are drawing new attention. I am actively engaged in various levels of systems change and strategic planning at the department, county, and national levels with the purpose of continually assessing the services provided to our countys residents., I would be honored to receive your vote for Thurston County Superior Court Judge, Position 8in the August 4 primary and November 3 general elections. Read more. And Jones also said the officer had nothing to do with drugs. Specifically, conclude implies arriving at a necessary inference at the end of a chain of reasoning. We evaluate individuals seeking either appointment or election to judicial office including: municipal and district courts, superior courts, superior court commissioner seats, courts of appeals, and the Washington State Supreme Court. Prior to his election, Judge Lanese served the people of the State of Washington as a Managing Assistant Attorney General, representing clients in complex lawsuits ranging from jury trials in Superior Court to appeals before the Washington Supreme Court. Inside Carswell federal prison for women, Sharanda Jones, prisoner 33177-077, marks ''The Lords Prayer,'' her favorite passage, in her Bible. And sentences have been greatly reduced for drug offenses. Im requesting an investigation of of the formalities and procedures conducted by council staff and conduct involved. the community, I understand the wants and needs of the people involved : Other: Cause of Action: 28 U.S.C . Sharonda Grandberry. Judge Sharonda D. Amamilo presiding. Prior to taking the bench, Commissioner Nogueira had a diverse private practice, including family law, dependency, criminal law, estate planning and immigration.

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